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It is not how many perennial varieties you can boast about carrying, it is the quality of the plant that you’re take home and the personal service that really counts.
Let's just say we have enough unique varieties to keep you happy.

The plants that we have are personal favourites of mine. If the plant will not grow without a lot of fuss, covering, and protection, you will not find it here. Having said that I do like to push the boundaries.

My favourites, are plants that make a statement!


Most of the plants available at the nursery are now listed.  I do hope to try to get some more work done on the lists. Some are in limited quantities.  If you are looking for anything specific let me know.

What’s New?  for 2013.  Some things will not be available till late spring or early summer and some things in very limited quantities.  

Sun    Some plants for sunny areas may be tolerant of a little shade, sometimes depending on soil conditions.

Sempervivum, Jovibarba, Orostachys and Rosularia