About Us


I have yet to meet a plant I didn’t like. 


Yes, even goutweed (bishop’s weed, Aegopodium podagraria).  It is very hardy, fast growing, grass-green leaves edged in white, and forms a low dense mat 6-12”.  It grows in sun or shade, tolerates poor soil and dry conditions and is very easily propagated.  Yet, you will not find it on my property or for sale in my nursery.  And I cringe when I see it for sale at other garden centers because most people who will purchase this plant have no idea what they are getting into.  Even though it is an excellent ground cover, once you have it you will never, ever get rid of it.  EVER!


I have a B Sc in Plant Science Horticulture from the Agricultural College in Truro, Nova Scotia.  That is my education; my experience is in growing plants in greenhouses both in Ontario and several locations in Nova Scotia as well as assisting in research at the Agricultural College with tissue culture plants.  I want to share my knowledge and experience in growing plants.  I don’t know everything, I don’t think anyone does but we can all learn from each other.


The Nursery was started around 1996.  With the birth of our daughter in 1998, I stayed home and expanded the nursery to what it is today.  We started slowly expanding only what could be handled ourselves.  Although I have said that the nursery will probably not get any larger (size wise) the selection of plant material is constantly changing.


I try to have plants that the ordinary garden centres do not carry.  Those that they carry, I probably do not have.  I am constantly looking for new and interesting plants. 


The nursery is definitely worth a visit even just to look around.  We have extensive display beds,  unique “garden art” (see train stuff), all in a wonderful country setting.


Jane Blackburn         Contact  garden.rail@ns.sympatico.ca