The Nursery


Woodlands and Meadows have been in existence since the mid 1990's. The name was derived from a desire to create a quiet natural setting to showcase the plants. As a passionate collector of new and unusual plants, I needed an outlet to share my enthusiasm.
As the name implies, we have an extensive list of native plants. We also take pride in our extensive and exceptional collection of unusual perennials. Many of the plants are rare or hard to find in the ordinary Garden Centers. Over 90% of the plants we sell, we propagate ourselves either from seed, cuttings or divisions.


The Gardens

My husband insisted that there would be no wooden benches for displaying the plants for sale; therefore we built 2 rock walls for that purpose. This inspired us to make sure the nursery retained a natural feel about it, which you felt that you were not even in a retail market. We also created many display beds to show you just what the plants will look like when they are mature.


Our Plants

Most of the perennials in pots do not have picture tags. I have always had a bit of a problem with the picture tags that come with the plants you buy. This tiny little picture, basic information but you can not really tell what that plant will look like in the garden. I have even seen tags that are misleading. To compensate for this, I have created a picture album of the plants offered for sale. Each page shows a picture of the perennial (95% taken in my gardens), its mature size, description, blooming time, location it prefers in the garden, ect... and any other useful information.


Our Guarantee

I have never liked the idea of guarantees (money back) on plants, even as a person who buys a lot of plants. So much can happen once that plant has been taken home. And I guarantee that any nursery who offers guarantees charges a lot more for those plants to compensate for the returns from those people who do not take care of those plants when they get them home. Having said that, yes I know a plant can die through no fault of your own. I have lost plants too.
My guarantee is that you get the plant that you purchased. If it turns out not to be the plant that was on the label, then please, let me know, I will fix the problem to your satisfaction if possible. Even as a retailer, I have had plants come in that has been mislabeled from wholesalers, and sometimes you can not tell until the plant is mature or it blooms.







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